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Research is the foundation of every piece of work we do. Starting by gaining a clear understanding of the business, the brand and what exactly it is we’re trying to achieve, well before we move on to solutions or production. As a good digital partner will run the discovery phase collaboratively: it isn’t something that can be done for you, it’s something done with you.


Based on the research carried out in the discovery phase we start composing or refining a digital strategy, before deciding on the specific solutions to solve the problems or achieve the goals we set out before.


Our developers will have already been involved with the project, giving their insight into what is possible within the confines of the project budget and timeline. They get up and running quickly building the elements of the product, giving us something to show early on.


Our extensive testing process then ensures that whatever we release will work as expected, where expected, helping us sleep much better at night.


During the production phases we give our clients regular demonstrations to show the progress of the elements which comprise it. This opens up the opportunity to receive feedback early on, so there’s no need for a drawn-out ‘amends’ stage at the end of the process. After that we carry out maintenance and bug fixing as and when required, while also working on further releases of the same project.

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